Hoover's Under Cabinet Color Changing LED Lights: A Filmmaker's Review

Updated: Jan 10


Today we’re reviewing the Under Cabinet Color Changing LED Lights by Hoover. Hoover is widely known for revolutionizing the vacuum cleaner industry, however, over the years they’ve expanded their home care product line to include these sleek and compact LED lights that you can pick up for less than $40 dollars. They come two to a pack and get this…..they also come with a mini remote control. The remote can be used to dim the light or to change the light color, but we’ll get more into that later.

I actually stumbled upon these one day while walking through Sam’s Club. I let them lay around for months until we began production on my short film “The Block Captain”. There was a situation in particular in which we needed a soft light to illuminate our actors for a night time driving shot. I remembered that I had my Hoover LEDs and dug them out of my closet. Let me say this...these lights made getting that shot so simple and quick since all I had was some gaff tape and one of the LEDs. I’ll show you that clip at the end of this video.

On the light you’ll find only one button. This triple-function button turns the light on, off and also acts as the color changer. You press the button once to turn the light on and then each time you press it after that a new color will display. The available color options on this LED are Red, Blue, Green and White. While shooting our short film we decided to wrap gel sheets around the LEDs with the white light option selected which gave us even more color options to choose from. That was awesome!

No wiring is required to use them since they are battery operated. Hoover wanted you to be able to use the light immediately and were generous enough to include 12 AA batteries in the package to get you started. The remote control, which has a 20 ft range, operates both lights and comes with its own pre-installed lithium coin battery. When it comes time to replace your lithium coin battery you can grab one pretty much anywhere that batteries are sold for just a few dollars.

Not only do you get 12 AA batteries but Hoover has also included 4 metal mounting plates, 4 adhesive pads, 4 Phillips screws and 4 plastic wall anchors if you choose to mount it. The instructions provided in the package make it a breeze. On the back you’ll find two magnets and two screw holes, which allows for magnetic or screw mounting. These LEDs are very adaptable and can be used mounted, handheld, clamped, taped, you name it.

The light has a sturdy plastic housing and they won’t stop working after a minor drop on a hard surface. They have a high quality feel and I really like how they pack a punch for their size. Each light is only 13 inches long and 2 1/8 inches wide so they are great for lighting your talent in close quarters, especially when there’s minimal or no light available. No need to worry about burning yourself as these lights don’t produce any heat.

I highly recommend these Hoover Under Cabinet Color Changing LED Lights as they will be a great addition to your production arsenal. Have an awesome shoot!

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